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Michigan Coaching Staff

2016 Coachesupdated 1/1/16
Jim Harbaugh Head Coach
Pep Hamilton Assistant Head Coach/Passing Game/Quarterbacks
Jay Harbaugh Running Backs/Assistant Special Teams
Don Brown Defensive Coordinator
Greg Mattison Defensive Line
Jim McElwain Wide Receivers
Serrone Moore Tight Ends
Chris Partridge Special Teams/Safeties
Ed Warinner Offense Line
Al Washington Linebackers
Michael Zordich Cornerbacks
Ben Herbert Strength and Conditioning

The 2017 season was a memorable one with some high moments, but a very disappointing finish. The 2018 season is filled with optimism and what could be the nation's best defense. Michigan is loaded with plenty of offensive weapons and we hope this team can make a run for the Big Ten Championship.

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I am always actively trading so if you have something (in the way of videos) you think I might want don't hesitate to ask even if it is not on my Want List. The important thing is that you fulfill your needs and spread the word about my site and services.

If you have some items you wish to trade or sell, comments on the pages, or anything else, let me know. Thanks for visiting and Go Blue!

2018 vs Ohio State

Only days until we begin the trek to win the 2019 Big Ten Championship.

Must Read Article

New Book Now Available!

by Steven Staton

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I always enjoy telling new friends that I am not just the owner of Michigan Football Games.com but also the author of "I Want to Play For Michigan". I am sure Bob Ufer would approve. I hope you like it. It is for you and future generations of Wolverine fans. Enjoy!

Many things contributed to this body of work including research, player interviews, friends, relatives, and so much more.

The day arrived. I stayed late after school as I always did. Everyone knew that I was weightlifting. They knew where to find me. One day, I felt that familiar feeling from the past that a bad guy was approaching. This guy ahead of me just looked suspicious, like a virus. I knew instantly he was trouble. I have this sixth sense since the inner city taught me to have a 360 degree of visibility and to recognize a threat from a mile away. Here he comes, if he only knew how hardened I became to prevent bullies from instilling fear in me. He proceeded to block me from moving forward. I moved left, and he moved to his right to block my path. I moved right and again; he moved to his left to block. I said nothing. Finally, I issued the challenge "I am only going to ask you once, move out of my way and go bother someone else." "What are you going to do about it"? He asked. Too late, I grabbed him by the shirt color with both hands and lifted him up and pushed him into the brick wall, "whoomp"! It sounded louder than I had intended as his upper back hit the wall. As he slumped to the ground, I am sure he looked up to see the fire in my eyes, and he said, "I am sorry, really, I am sorry." I let him go, and he ran away.

This is but one of the true stories presented in this book. There is so much more. Enjoy!