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Games of the Month

  • 1992 Michigan vs Iowa - Most didn't have the beginning of this game
  • 2016 Michigan vs Penn State - Jabrill Peppers
  • 2012 Michigan vs Northwestern - It took overtime to get the job done
  • 2009 Michigan vs Indiana - The Hoosiers were tough on this day

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    Michigan Football Games List

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    1935 M vs Penn, no sound, B&W, Bill Renner led the Wolverines but one of the stars was Jerry (Gerald) Ford
    1937 M vs Northwestern, Black and White no sound. Haven't watched yet
    1938 M vs Penn, A must have game. This is the one where Tom Harmon
    ran backwards some 25 yards before scampering for a touchdown
    1939 M vs Chicago - 85-0 win, Coaches film, B&W No Sound
    1942 M vs. Ohio State, Ohio win 21-7 B&W No sound, coaches film. Hard to see in 4th Qtr.
    1943 M vs Western Michigan, no sound B&W and Color. Fantastic quality with a 57-6 win by Michigan.
    new spin icon 1943 M vs Notre Dame, new haven't watched yet
    1944 M vs Penn, Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch is the only real star on this team that stomped Penn
    1944 M vs. Ohio State - Ohio win 18-14, B&W. No sound coaches film
    new spinning icon 1945 M vs Purdue, new haven't watched yet
    1947 M vs Illinois - B&W no sound, rare!
    1948 Rose Bowl, Michigan vs USC. Total domination. Color, no sound.
    1948 M vs Minnesota - B&W no sound, great game
    1948 M vs Illinois - B&W no sound, great game
    1950 Snow Bowl, M vs Ohio State - with sound, a real keeper!
    1951 M vs Iowa, 21-0 shutout. B&W by Phillips Oil, excellent game
    1953 M vs Penn, no 4th quarter but good for watching strange formations
    1954 M vs Iowa, 14-13, turnovers on both sides. Kramer led the way catching and kicking.
    The game is B&W with Iowa sound, watch Iowa head coach interviews where he bad mouths Michigan.
    1954 M vs. Ohio State, Intro By Woody Hayes, Sound bites mixed in, B&W
    M scores first on modified Statue of Liberty, Hopalong Cassady was great
    1957 M vs Ohio State, Ohio Wins 31-14, no sound, Coaches Film, B&W.
    All scoring plays are cut out.
    1959 M vs Oregon State, turnovers hurt both teams. Strong 4th quarter
    running seals it for Michigan B&W no sound.
    1959 M vs Northwestern B&W, coaches film, no sound, good quality
    1960 M vs Indiana, problems with clarity, gets better during the 2nd quarter.
    Michigan defense creates turnovers.
    1961 M vs Purdue, Close game, haven't watched yet
    1961 M vs Minnesota, Michigan blows 28-0 lead losing the Little Brown Jug.
    Sandy Stevens played well for Minnesota. Color, no sound
    1961 M vs. Ohio State, B&W, no sound. Big plays. Woody goes for bomb with
    less than 20 secs left, than for 2, 50-20 win
    1962 M vs Nebraska, Band Day, B&W no sound, Dropped passes killed Michigan
    1962 M vs Illinois, Great defensive effort.
    1963 M vs Navy. Light colored difficult to see play by play. Roger Staubach
    for Navy was fantastic! Have enhanced version now.
    1964 Michigan vs Ohio State B&W with radio 86 mins. Bob Timberlake and
    Mel Anthony play well. Ohio State made a lot of turnovers.
    1965 Rose Bowl, M vs. Oregon State, The great Mel Anthony sets a record at
    84 yards, Bob Timberlake plays great at QB. NBC was replay happy on this day.
    1968 M vs California - Black and White with classical music soundtrack.
    Too many times Michigan threw into coverage.
    1968 M vs Ohio State - Good Ole Woody sets the stage by going for 2 to score
    50 points. B&W from Ohio Stadium, 2 hours long
    1969 M vs Vanderbilt, Glenn Doughty runs wild. Late punt block for TD seals the win.
    Color with no sound, Bo's first game!
    1969 M vs Illinois - B & W no sound rare! 47 mins.
    1969 M vs Iowa - B & W no sound rare! 45 mins.
    1969 M vs. Michigan State - MSU Ground game is very strong, Light Color, no sound
    1969 M vs Ohio State - Best victory in history has complete commercials from 1969
    1969 M vs Ohio State - From ESPN Classic excellent quality, with Bo commentary
    1970 Rose Bowl - M vs USC. Complete with pre-game, commercials, and NBC's Kurt Gowdy
    1970 M vs Washington, Coaches film, less than average quality Washington 4th
    and inches miss changed the game around
    1970 M vs Purdue, Michigan with an impressive shutout. Coaches film
    1970 M vs Michigan State, Billy Taylor scored 3 TDs, Coaches film
    1970 M vs Wisconsin, Don Moorhead leads the team with 223 yards passing. Coaches film
    1970 M vs Illinois, Color Coaches Film, Excellent ground attack and 42-0 shutout
    1970 M vs Iowa, Less than average Coaches Film, Michigan led 35-0 at the half
    on the way to 55-0 drubbing
    1970 M vs. Ohio State - Woody gets revenge for 1969
    1971 M vs. Purdue - Gary Danielson at QB, Radio sound with replay happy video.
    Billy Taylor held quiet until late, Dana Coin wins it.
    1971 M vs Ohio State - Coaches film, no sound
    1971 M vs. Ohio State - Good quality, B&W radio sound, Billy Taylor fumbles early
    1972 M vs Tulane; band day in color, coaches film, no sound 30 mins
    1972 Rose Bowl - M vs Stanford. Wow, you should own this game! Good clarity!
    1972 M vs Ohio State, The Buckeyes played inspired. The 4th quarter of the DVD
    is gone. I haven't yet found it anywhere.
    1973 M vs Ohio State (10-10 Tie). See below (I have complete audio tape) to hear
    Bob Ufer doing the play by play for this game.
    1974 M vs Ohio State with pregame, Keith Jackson, Color by Joe Paterno. Excellent quality,
    Lantry again misses field goal
    1974 M vs Ohio State - ESPN Classic, Commentary by Joe Paterno. Both Woody and Bo
    interviews included, not good quality in the 1st half, choppy. Tom Skledany hits four field
    goals, while Supertoe Lantry misses again.
    1975 M vs Missouri, Bob Ufer play by play with color video. Rick Leach, Gordie Bell,
    Rob Lytle. Harlan Huckleberry scores 1st TD in career; 1:15 long
    1975 M vs Minnesota, Bob Ufer Play by Play. Tony Dungee for Minn. Black and White.
    1975 Michigan vs. Ohio State, Video with radio audio.
    1976 Orange Bowl, M vs. Oklahoma, Great halftime show, Michigan's first Bowl other
    than Rose. Watch Leach come back after injury!
    1976 M vs Minnesota - Hard to find game, with average quality but worth having
    1976 M vs OSU with Bob Ufer play by play
    1977 Rose Bowl, M vs USC - Kurt Gowdy, Don Meredith Charles White for USC, Rick
    Leach & Vince Evans shine. Tough ground battle, Game ends before 2 kneel downs
    1977 Rose Bowl ESPN Classic, M vs USC. Charles White as a rookie, but Rob Lytle plays great.
    1977 M vs Texas A&M - great game, now have better quality
    1977 M vs Minnesota, new haven't watched yet
    1977 M vs OSU w/Bob Ufer play by play & a Ufer short at the end. Average quality
    (8 mins at the start missing), but Ufer is worth it!
    1977 M vs. Ohio State version 2 JIP. This is not the Ufer version, but ABC with
    only average quality.
    1978 M vs Notre Dame - 1st time in years they met, Joe Montana vs Rick Leach (w/ Bob Ufer)
    1978 M vs Ohio State - with Bob Ufer play by play. Only average quality but Bob is awesome!
    1979 Rose Bowl, M vs USC. O.J. Simpson does the color commentary. Charles White with the
    phantom touchdown seals Michigan's fate, from ESPN Classic.
    1979 M vs Notre Dame - The Irish win on this day. Official version
    1979 M vs Notre Dame, average copy and sound, from ESPN Classic
    1979 M vs Minnesota, Art Vuolo's 2nd recording. What makes this great is the ride up Washtenaw
    in 1979 with low parking prices and lots of the band.
    1979 M vs Michigan State - First time for MSU on TV after 5 yr probation. This game has Bob Ufer
    doing the play by play
    1979 M vs Ohio State - OSU win, Bob Ufer Play by Play, less than average quality
    1979 M vs Ohio State - Big Ten Classic version with Earl Bruce commentary. Nice quality,
    complete game, watch the great Anthony Carter.
    1979 Gator Bowl, M vs North Carolina - Less than average quality. Anthony Carter shines,
    Wangler and Trgovac knees hurt badly 17-15 NC win
    1980 M vs. California - Lawrence Ricks is star of the game, but Wangler and Butch Woolfolk
    were solid too. Good copy, similar to ESPN Classic with plays moved forward
    1980 M vs Notre Dame, Poor quality!, lots of plays cutout, this is the game where Harry
    Oliver kicks the 52 yarder to win. A rare copy!
    1980 M vs South Carolina - JIP start of 2nd Quarter, Good quality, Anthony Carter and John
    Wangler, play cuts like ESPN Classic, 4th down fake, bad idea FLUKE!
    1980 M vs Illinois - with 30 Min. pregame show, Al Michaels, A nice game to own!
    1980 M vs Minnesota - Anthony Carter, Butch Woolfolk deliver, Marion Barber for Minn.
    Similar to ESPN Classic
    1980 M vs Northwestern - Some slight moving forward. Brandstatter and Atterly. Carter
    shines, Hewlett replaced by Wangler
    1980 M vs Purdue - A real nice copy. Please note cuts occur near end of game but the game
    does continue
    1980 M vs Michigan State - Decent copy. Some parts of the game are cut out like Classic games.
    Overall it is worth owning and the only copy I have found.
    1980 M vs Indiana - Anthony Carter, Larry Ricks, Stanley Edwards, John Wangler, done by
    Atterly & Brandstatter, Play cuts similar to ESPN Classic, but 2 hours long with M Replay
    1980 M vs Ohio State - What a find this game is! The last grave to fill before Pasadena.
    1981 Rose Bowl, M vs Washington Bo's First Bowl Victory, now with better version.
    1981 M vs Navy, Woolfolk, Anthony Carter, Vince Bean, Press box view. Frank Bechman handed
    the mic from Bob Ufer. Great halftime show included
    1981 M vs Notre Dame - Great game, now have replacement copy. Bob Ufer mentioned by Keith
    Jackson, A.C., Butch Woolfolk over 100 yards 25-7 win.
    1981 Michigan vs Illinois - 70-21, the week after Bob Ufer died, includes moment of silence,
    and Michigan Replay.
    1981 M vs Minnesota - A.C., Woolfolk, Steve Smith all do well here
    1981 M vs Northwestern, JIP 1:48 remaining in 1st. Steve Smith, Anthony Carter, Norm Betts
    scores. Woolfolk sets rushing record. Good quality
    1981 M vs Iowa - Good copy, Solid defensive battle
    1981 M vs Wisconsin - Butch Woolfolk, 2nd longest run in history @ 89 yard (he did 94 in 1980)
    Jeff Cole was good for Wisc., Mich created turnovers but didnt capitalize, 2nd half pic poor but watchable.
    1981 M vs Purdue - Ok copy, watch the great Anthony Carter!
    1981 M vs Ohio State. Steve Smith throws key interception. Less than average quality but
    hard to find game.
    1981 Bluebonnet Bowl, M vs UCLA - great game for A.C. The copy I have is the best out there.
    Not great, but the best you will find.
    1982 M vs Notre Dame, Anthony Carter 72 yard kickoff return, watch for ricochet. Average
    quality but worth owning.
    1982 M vs UCLA, Steve Smith, Anthony Carter, Ali Haji Sheikh kicks 48 yarder and sets new
    record. Roberts Thompson great on defense
    1982 M vs Illinois - good quality
    1982 M vs Michigan State - Decent copy, and start of Michigan taking over the Big Ten in 82
    1982 M vs Wisconsin, Press box view, Sound problems first half. Radio version, lots of
    interceptions, Paul Thompson great on defense, 50 mins.
    1982 M vs Purdue - NEW hard to find, Good quality, Anthony Carter shines
    1982 M vs Minnesota - Radio Press Box Steve Smith. Minn defense poor, Kerry Smith over 100
    yards. Ali Haji Shiek kicks record 66 straight extra points 1.06 hours.
    1982 M vs Ohio State, Good quality with Woody Hayes extra, turnovers hurt.
    1983 Rose Bowl, M vs UCLA - ESPN Classic. David Hall subs for injured Steve Smith, M loses
    1983 M vs Washington State - New hard to find and good copy!
    1983 M vs Washington - Steve Smith. Skopje misses FG to seal it as Huskies score late and
    go for 2 to win the game
    1983 M vs Iowa - A battle in a driving rain, Bob Bergeron kicks 3 field goals, complete game
    1983 M vs Northwestern - Domination, okay quality
    1983 M vs Minnesota - 58-10 overall good game
    1983 M vs Illinois, Hard fought win for the Illini
    1983 M vs Wisconsin, new haven't watched yet
    1983 M vs Michigan State - New, good quality and hard to find.
    1983 M vs Purdue, A hard to find game, less than average quality.
    1983 M vs Ohio State - OSU had won previous two meetings, new game haven't watched yet
    1984 1984 M vs Miami - Coach Jimmie Johnson and several other big names. Good copy!
    1984 M vs Washington, Harbaugh terrible in this game, Wash defense was solid
    1984 M vs Iowa - a complete domination win by the Hawkeyes
    1984 M vs Wisconsin, good quality, Vuolo special, but only copy available, Jamie Morris
    does his best in a close contest
    img src="newspin1.gif" height=20 width=30> 1984 M vs Michigan State, Unfortunately, Jim Harbaugh left this game with a broken arm when Jamie
    Morris fumbled and he dove for the ball. This game led to Michigan going 500 for the year.
    1984 M vs Illinois, Vuolo Special, Slow wave fun to watch. Bob Bergeron 4 field goals, Harbaugh
    had broken arm - did not play
    1984 M vs Ohio State - OSU win
    1984 Sugar Bowl, M vs. Auburn (50th Game). Steve Smith tries hard but Bo Jackson was just a
    bit better in this defensive struggle.
    1985 M vs Notre Dame - average quality, Jim Harbaugh scores game winner, and John Carney -
    Notre Dame's kicker gets four field goals
    1985 M vs South Carolina, Complete game and a very good copy!
    1985 1985 M vs Maryland - Decent copy good game.
    1985 1985 M vs Wisconsin - Bo's 190th win. A very good copy from Pass Sports. However,
    there are a few end of play cuts (someone feared running out of space).
    1985 M vs Michigan State - Great defense by Michigan. Okay quality.
    1985 M vs Indiana
    1985 M vs Iowa - #1 Iowa beats #2 Michigan with four field goals, ouch! Plus dumb crowd
    noise rule. Watch Chuck Long and Ronnie Harmon dominate but Jamie Morris plays well.
    1985 M vs Illinois, Solid defensive battle. Last second FG hits upright
    1985 M vs Purdue, Complete blowout. Nice quality overall.
    1985 M vs Minnesota - Complete Jamie Morris, Jim Harbaugh, Coach Lou Holtz, 84 yd
    punt return by Gilvani Johnson. W/Michigan Replay and extras at end (Death Penalty)
    1985 M vs Ohio State - Harbaugh to Kolesar 2nd longest pass in Michigan history.
    Excellent typical struggle.
    1985 M vs Ohio State from ESPN Classic
    1986 Fiesta Bowl, M vs Nebraska - Michigan defense created turnovers and took the game away. Good copy!
    1986 "Take the Field", Michigan Marching Band Program
    1986 M vs Notre Dame
    1986 M vs Oregon State - very good copy, complete game. Jim Harbaugh!
    1986 M vs Florida State - This game is a must have
    1986 M vs Wisconsin - Bo's 200th win. Wisconsin's first night game
    1986 M vs Indiana - No play by play, just the stadium announcer. Ok quality
    1986 M vs Michigan State - Are we really Arrogant Asses?
    1986 M vs Iowa - Undefeated Iowa came to Ann Arbor but Mike Gillette was ready for revenge
    1986 M vs Illinois Complete domination in this game
    1986 M vs Purdue, new haven't watched yet
    1986 M vs Minnesota - Minn was a 25 point underdog, but on this day, they took
    home the Little Brown Jug with excellent defense
    1986 M vs Ohio State, Jamie Morris goes over 200 yards
    1986 M vs Hawaii - Hawaii was motivated, Michigan punt record that technically won the game?
    1987 Rose Bowl - M vs Arizona State, complete game worth owning!
    1987 Rose Bowl, M vs Arizona State, ESPN Classic. ASU wins their first Rose Bowl.
    1987 1986 Season Recap, "Big Ten Champs"
    1987 M vs. Notre Dame, Demetrius Brown's 1st start, average to less than average quality
    Lou Holtz coaching N.D., with commercials, the Irish dominated this game
    1987 M vs Washington State, New haven't watched yet
    1987 M vs Iowa - good copy
    1987 M vs Michigan State, New haven't watched yet
    1987 M vs Minnesota - good copy, see Jamie Morris shine
    1987 M vs Illinois, What? Phil Webb wins it? Terrible effort but Jamie Morris shines
    1987 M vs Ohio State - Demetrius Brown and Michael Taylor, Jamie Morris breaks single
    season rushing record, Earl Bruce farewell, turnover when dominating loses game for M.
    1988 Hall of Fame Bowl vs Alabama. Jamie Morris goes over 200 yards and Michigan
    goes for the win not the tie!
    HOT! 1988 Woody vs Bo, The Ten Year War; This video captures the essence of this great rivalry
    1988 M vs Notre Dame - Michael Taylor starts, 5'5" Reggie Ho wins it while Mike Gillette
    gives it a good effort and barely misses in the last second.
    1988 M vs Miami - Michigan was led by Tony Boles rushing and Michael Taylor at QB.
    #1 Miami led by coach Jimmy Johnson comes back from 16 down to win.
    1988 M vs Wisconsin
    1988 M vs Michigan State Mike Gillete was the hero with 11 points
    1988 M vs Iowa, NEW haven't watched yet
    1988 M vs Indiana - Homecoming Leroy Hoard, and a big 3rd quarter
    1988 M vs Minnesota
    1988 College Football's Greatest Rivalry. From Marathon Oil Company (30 mins)
    1988 M vs Ohio State
    1989 Rose Bowl, M vs USC - Leroy Hoard goes nuts in second half
    1989 M vs UCLA - Elvis Grbac's first start
    1989 M vs Notre Dame - Michael Taylor starts, replaced by Elvis Grbac. Rocket
    Ismail returns two kickoffs to win.
    1989 M vs MSU - Good if you like defense; Score 10-7 and a great 4th Qtr stand
    1989 M vs Iowa - Complete game. Michael Taylor at QB, 1st half turnovers, solid defense
    1989 M vs Indiana - NEW haven't watched yet
    1989 M vs Purdue - No play by play, Grbac replaces Taylor, and Tony Boles shines
    1989 M vs Illinois - complete game
    1989 M vs Minnesota
    1989 M vs Ohio State
    1989 1969-1989 Michigan Replay with Bo Schembechler spanning 20 years
    1989 Bo's Final Season Show
    1989 Take The Field II by the Michigan Marching band. Great video!
    1990 M vs UCLA
    1990 M vs Notre Dame - Elvis Grbac starts Gary Moeller's first game. Turnovers hurt badly.
    1990 M vs Maryland, Jon Vaughn, 6 turnovers, Desmond Howard and Elvis Grbac. No commercials, radio sync
    1990 M vs Indiana
    1990 M vs Iowa - Michigan blows it in 4th quarter.
    1990 M vs Minnesota
    1990 M vs Michigan State - Good copy from ABC, Desmond Howard 94 yard kick off return,
    Dan Enos & Tico Duckett do well for MSU, Going for 2 Howard tripped to end game
    1990 M vs Wisconsin - Real good copy, some cuts but not bad. See Desmond Howard!
    1990 M vs Ohio State Good copy with pregame show
    1991 Gator Bowl, M vs Mississippi
    1991 1990-1991 (~) Vintage Bo - 25 minute long show about Bo Schembechler
    1991 1990-1991 (~) A Tribute to Bo Show with many famous people honoring him
    including Bo Derek, Joe Paterno and many more.
    1991 M vs Boston College - Desmond Howard 4 TD's. Now have better version.
    1991 M vs Notre Dame - Game with the Famous Desmond Howard catch.
    1991 M vs Florida State - FSU is cocky. You will hear it from announcers and they back it up
    1991 M vs Iowa
    1991 M vs Michigan State, Desmond Howard Time
    1991 M vs Indiana
    1991 M vs Northwestern, JIP 13:22 of 1st Qtr. Coaches film in color with radio
    broadcast. Watch for the pogo and rowboat by fans
    1991 M vs Purdue - Setup Game for the Rose Bowl - Desmond Howard shines
    1991 M vs Illinois - Good quality, 1st 7:10 missing, game Joined in Progress
    1991 M vs Ohio State - Desmond Howard's famous pose
    1992 Rose Bowl - M vs Washington - Not a great performance as Michigan was thumped by the Huskies
    1992 M vs Notre Dame - Grbac, Wheatley, No Commercials, Jessie Johnson, Watch
    Reggie Brooks get knocked out!
    1992 M vs Oklahoma State - Todd Collins debut w/record 29 completions. Now have good copy
    1992 M vs Houston - Todd Collins four TD passes
    1992 M vs Purdue
    1992 M vs Minnesota - Elvis Grbac to Alexander for 4 TD's. Tyrone Wheatley is great.
    Michigan's 1000th game, less than average quality. Press Box Dub, 70 Mins.
    1992 M vs Michigan State
    1992 M vs Northwestern
    1992 M vs Iowa, now have full version.
    1992 M vs Indiana - JIP 4 mins rem 1st Quarter. Decent copy
    1992 M vs Illinois (tie) - but clinched Rose Bowl
    1992 M vs Ohio State (tie) - Muddy, Elvis Grbac's only TD
    1992 Rose Bowl, M vs Washington, Tyrone Wheatley runs for over 200 yards!
    1993 M vs Washington State - Todd Collins 1st Start, M rolls, decent quality
    1993 M vs Houston, Frank Beckman announces but only press box camera, Radio broadcast
    with quick plays, Wheatley gets 3 TD's, Touchdown Tim Biakabutuka's 1st TD
    1993 M vs Notre Dame, Tyrone Wheatley emerges with over 300 yards of offense.
    Average quality, Todd Collins enjoyed throwing to ND receivers
    1993 M vs Iowa
    1993 M vs Illinois - Last minute turnover by Ricky Powers when running clock out turns into Illini win
    1993 M vs MSU, Sparty ganged up on Wheatley, Fans were in to it from start to finish.
    1993 M vs Penn State
    1993 M vs Minnesota - Complete Blowout. Wheatley & Biakubutuka are in this game
    1993 M vs Wisconsin. Barry Alvarez spot at opening. Wisconsin Public TV Ricky Powers
    fumbles late again. Michigan moves ball but can't score
    1993 vs OSU - Real good copy
    1994 Hall of Fame Bowl, M vs North Carolina State (Tyrone Wheatley)
    1994 M vs Boston College
    1994 M vs Notre Dame
    1994 M vs Colorado, The famous Hail Mary Play. This game is not for the faint of
    heart and clearly ranks as one of the worst losses ever (for Michigan).
    1994 M vs Iowa
    1994 M vs Michigan State
    1994 M vs Wisconsin - average quality, Jason Carr in relief. Seth Smith 100 yard kick
    return. Todd Collins back in. Wheatley, Ed Davis. Interceptions hurt
    1994 M vs Illinois - good quality
    1994 vs Penn State #5 vs #2, Ki-Jana Carter and Tyrone Wheatley star. Todd Collins does okay.
    1994 M vs Minnesota - Tyrone Wheatley's last game at Michigan Stadium
    1994 M vs Purdue, game not televised, 60 mins., with locker room interviews
    1994 vs Ohio State, M defense begins to emerge, but Tressel gets first win.
    Complete version. Michigan defense begins to emerge
    1994 Holiday Bowl - M vs Colorado State. Good overall game - Todd Collins
    1995 Pigskin Classic - M vs Virginia. Michigan's greatest comeback. Some screen flickering
    1995 M vs Memphis - hard to find game
    1995 M vs Miami of Ohio - hard to find game
    1995 M vs Illinois - Complete game, Remy Hamilton 49 yard FG.
    1995 M vs Boston College
    1995 M vs Indiana - Touchdown Tim Biakabutuka and Amani Toomer
    1995 M vs Minnesota - Homecoming Kick Butt
    1995 M vs Michigan State from ESPN Classic
    1995 M vs Michigan State, Big Ten Network, Biakabutuka runs for 191 yards
    Woodson near interception turns the tide of the game
    1995 M vs Penn State, Pitt is star of game, Joe Paterno calls fake field goal
    at end to seal the victory.
    1995 M vs Purdue - Infamous 5-0 game, Complete game
    1995 M vs Northwestern - Brian Griese, Tim Biakabutuka 205 yards, but a loss
    and first win for Northwestern since 1959. Average quality but okay
    1995 M vs Ohio State Touchdown Tim Biakabatuka goes nuts (313 yds)
    1995 Alamo Bowl, Michigan vs Texas A&M, Tim Biakabutuka and Brian Griese try
    but real defensive battle. Kyle Bryan from A&M kicks 5 field goals to win
    1996 M vs UCLA
    1996 M vs Boston College
    1996 M vs Colorado - with Michigan Replay
    1996 M vs MSU - Good copy, Scott Dreisbach is good!
    1996 M vs Minnesota - Complete game
    1996 M vs Indiana
    1996 M vs Illinois - Complete game
    1996 M vs Penn State - Curtis Enos, Woodson begins to shine, blocked punt does Michigan in
    1996 M vs Ohio State
    1/1/1997 Outback Bowl Michigan vs Alabama, new haven't watched yet
    1997 M vs Colorado
    1997 M vs Baylor
    1997 M vs Notre Dame - Stellar copy; last minute comeback!
    1997 M vs Indiana
    1997 M vs Northwestern
    1997 M vs Iowa
    1997 M vs Michigan State - Great Woodson Interception
    1997 M vs Minnesota - Great game, decent quality version ESPN+
    1997 M vs Penn State - #2 vs #4, One of the greatest Wolverine Halves ever.
    With pregame shows and hype.
    1997 M vs Wisconsin - Good copy!
    1997 M vs Ohio State - Woodson earns Heisman!
    1998 Rose Bowl, M vs Washington State - National Champions! TV broadcast
    1998 Rose Bowl, M vs Washington State - Official Rose Bowl Game with no
    commercials and complete halftime show
    1998 National Championship Celebration Direct from Crisler Arena. This is
    much better than the CD!
    1998 M vs Eastern Michigan
    1998 M vs Notre Dame, Irish win in strong 2nd half. Drew Henson gets first
    passing TD, Tom Brady plays great in the start
    1998 M vs Michigan State - Four field goals by Feely, Thomas 69 yard TD run
    1998 M vs Indiana
    1998 M vs Minnesota, good copy
    1998 M vs Iowa
    1998 M vs Northwestern
    1998 M vs Penn State
    1998 M vs Wisconsin - For the share of the Big Ten title, Good copy
    1998 M vs Ohio State - Ouch just a poorly played game as Buckeyes win
    1998 M vs Hawaii
    1999 Citrus Bowl, M vs Arkansas
    1999 M vs Notre Dame - NEW, Complete game not joined in progress
    1999 M vs Rice
    1999 M vs Syracuse - with Michigan Replay
    1999 M vs Wisconsin
    1999 M vs Wisconsin - from Big Ten Network Classic
    1999 M vs Purdue - Homecoming great game
    1999 M vs Michigan State - New have't watched yet
    1999 M vs Indiana - close game
    1999 M vs Illinois, Tom Brady, Anthony Thomas. Great catch by Marquise Walker.
    Illinois takes lead late, Brady comes back until bad snap kills it.
    1999 M vs Northwestern - Whoa! 4 quarters of football
    1999 M vs Penn State - What a great comeback victory over the favored Nittany Lions
    1999 M vs Ohio State - Great win against the Buckeyes
    2000 Orange Bowl - M vs Alabama M's first Overtime game, too bad for Alabama PAT kicker
    2000 1999 Season Recap Show "Refuse to Lose"
    2000 M vs Bowling Green - M's 100th opening day victory, Great first start by John Navarre
    2000 M vs. UCLA - Very hot day. Navarre did not look good, missed field goal hurt
    2000 M vs Rice - Another good day for John Navarre & Anthony Thomas (Atrain)
    2000 M vs Illinois - To fumble or not to fumble? A WIN!
    2000 M vs. Northwestern - Infamous offensive battle, NW wins 54-51.
    2000 M vs Wisconsin - Tough defensive battle, Drew Henson's first start
    2000 M vs Indiana - Homecoming, great victory and this is the complete game, not cut off
    2000 M vs Michigan State - Defense! Larry Foote played great.
    2000 M vs Purdue, Henson against Drew Breez, Anthony Thomaswas good, decent back
    and forth battle, Purdue wins on late field goal
    2000 M vs Penn State - Anthony Thomas' last game, 4th win in a row against PSU
    2000 M vs Ohio State - 4th down?, call Henson's number!
    2001 Citrus Bowl - M vs Auburn, Watch Anthony Thomas break the record. Great game!
    2001 M vs Miami of Ohio - Good copy, Lots of new starters
    2001 M vs Western Michigan - Good copy, Larry Foote has good outing
    2001 M vs Illinois - Good copy lots of offense
    2001 M vs. Michigan State - The infamous long second. I still can't watch it.
    2001 M vs Penn State - First time PSU shut out at home, nice game by B.J. Askew
    2001 M vs Purdue - Marquise Walker and John Navarre looked great
    Nice job by the defense too!
    2001 M vs Iowa - Roy Manning blocks punt for TD, Incredible catch by Marquise
    Walker, Hayden Epstein finishes it with 51 yarder. Player of game = Larry Foote
    2001 M vs Minnesota - Good solid Michigan win
    2001 M vs Wisconsin - Man talk about lucky for U of M
    2001 M vs Ohio State, Just in, haven't watch yet
    2002 M vs Washington - last second field goal wow! With ESPN
    2002 M vs Notre Dame - 7 turnovers in a hard hitting game Carlyle Holiday showed
    toughness for the Irish
    2002 M vs Western Michigan - Good hard hitting contest
    2002 2002 M vs Utah - Defensive battle game, ESPN Plus
    2002 M vs Illinois - Good overall game for Michigan, lots of hitting and 5 turnovers
    by the defense. Pre-Game show from the stadium
    2002 M vs Penn State - 2nd overtime game in history, First in Michigan Stadium,
    Navarre played great!
    2002 M vs Purdue, John Navarre's best game; 271 yards
    2002 M vs Michigan State - watch the team lay a whooping to the Spartans.
    2002 M vs Minnesota - Good defense and nice running by B.J. Askew
    2002 M vs Wisconsin - Good victory, Defensive, nice job by B.J. Askew and Chris Perry
    2002 M vs Iowa - a Homecoming loss 9-34. Oh this hurt!
    2002 M vs Ohio State - This was a good game to watch despite the outcome
    2003 Outback Bowl M vs Florida - Great game with Chris Perry 4 TD's, John
    Navarre over 300 yards passing.
    2003 M vs. Central Michigan - Chris Perry runs for over 240 yards. Good start to season
    2003 M vs Oregon - Well, good try - table set for an undefeated Big Ten season
    2003 M vs. Houston - Chris Perry and a great defensive effort - contains the last two mins.
    2003 M vs. Notre Dame - Biggest upset of the series! Complete game w/M Replay
    2003 M vs. Indiana - Special teams prevail. Steve Breaston returns a punt for TD.
    2003 M vs. Minnesota - Greatest comeback in history. 31 4th quarter points
    to come from behind WOW!
    2003 M vs. Illinois - Dominating victory with Breaston running back a punt
    for a 74 yard TD, Chris Perry 3 TD's
    2003 Michigan vs. Iowa - Good overall game but Iowa wins
    2003 M vs. Purdue - Great defense! Wonderful performance.
    2003 M vs Michigan State - Chris Perry over 50 carries and 200 yards
    2003 M vs. Northwestern - John Navarre looks sharp, Edwards and Chris Perry as well.
    2003 M vs. Ohio State - Record crowd sees Michigan win the Championship.
    2004 M vs. Ohio State - Record crowd sees Michigan win the Championship.
    2004 M vs. Miami of Ohio - Nice start by Chad Henne, Edwards 2TD's, Underwood - 2TD's.
    2004 M vs. San Diego State - Strange Game, Freshman Mike Hart runs for 121
    yards in first start
    2004 M vs. Iowa - Great defense created turnovers. Good start to Big Ten
    2004 M vs. Indiana - Grant Mason kickoff returns, Braylon Edwards, simply
    great! Complete game.
    2004 M vs. Minnesota - Classic game from start to finish. A real barnburner
    call it what you will!
    2004 M vs. Illinois - Great job by Michael Hart, over 240 yards rushing!
    2004 M vs. Purdue - Michael Hart 2nd week over 200 yards rushing.
    2004 M vs. Michigan State - Michael Hart, third week over 200 yards,
    triple overtime, Braylon Edwards gets it done
    2004 M vs. Northwestern - Shaky First half, strong second. Breaston punt return seals it.
    2004 M vs. Ohio State, OSU wins 31-27
    2005 Rose Bowl, M vs. Texas - Braylon Edwards, Stevie Breaston great job, but not enough
    2005 M vs Northern Illinois - Michael Hart over 100, but player of game was Breaston
    Bo gets Honorary law degree and Jason Avant makes big catches.
    2005 M vs Notre Dame - Big Ten Ticket with pregame
    2005 M vs Eastern Michigan - Big Ten Ticket, Don Shane and Bo. Breaston
    Breaks out. Henne at QB. Max Martin ran well.
    2005 M vs Wisconsin - First Big Ten game results in loss.
    Bo Schembechler and Don Shane, fumbles hurt in this game
    2005 M vs Michigan State - Great overtime win again. Sparties were tough
    2005 M vs Minnesota - after two near misses, Minnesota finally gets the Brown Jug
    2005 M vs. Penn State - last second TD wins it, Henne to Manningham, Complete game
    2005 M vs. Iowa - Snapped 22 game Iowa home win streak. Lloyd's 100th win. With
    Big Ten Preview and Michigan Replay. Chad Henne shines
    2005 M vs. Northwestern - Great overall game against a powerful offense
    2005 M vs. Indiana - A dominating first half wins it. New game with Big Ten Ticket.
    Steve Breaston shines, game over in first half
    2005 M vs Ohio State - Ohio State wins
    2005 Alamo Bowl M vs. Nebraska - Turnovers in 4th cost the game.
    2006 M vs. Vanderbilt - Good defense, start of something big?
    2006 M vs. Central Michigan - CMU was game, but not good enough
    2006 M vs. Notre Dame - Watch Michigan beat the #2 ranked Irish in South Bend
    2006 M vs. Wisconsin - Hard fought victory - Defense rolling
    2006 M vs. Minnesota - Give the Brown Jug back where it belongs
    2006 M vs. Michigan State - No chance for Sparty
    2006 M vs. Penn State - Hostile crowd, a real special win in a tough place
    2006 M vs. Iowa - Defense wins the day
    2006 M vs. Northwestern - Nasty cold rainy day, but a victory
    2006 M vs. Ball State - Wow! What a scare.
    2006 M vs. Indiana - Great setup game before the showdown in Columbus.
    Now have Big Ten Ticket pregame with Bo one week before his death.
    2006 M vs. Ohio State - #1 vs. #2 and both teams played well and tough. This game
    includes College Gameday and a few extras. Remember Bo passed away November 17th, 2006.
    2007 M vs Appalachian State - Ugh! But give App State credit, they deserved the win.
    2007 M vs. Oregon - A real thorough butt whooping
    2007 M vs. Notre Dame - Wow 38-0, 1st start for Mallett, Hart 187 yards
    2007 M vs Penn State - #10 loses to solid Michigan defense and great blocking by Jake Long
    2007 M vs Northwestern - Tough game, defense wins in 4th quarter
    2007 M vs. Eastern Michigan - Eastern game, but M better
    2007 M vs. Purdue - Michigan dominates offensively
    2007 M vs. Illinois - Hard fought, dropped kickoff started the rally.
    2007 M vs. Minnesota - The Brown Jug remains despite an early scare
    2007 M vs. Michigan State - MSU ahead by 10 late, Michigan comes back
    2007 M vs. Wisconsin - Good comeback effort, but not a win
    2007 M vs. Ohio State - Big Ten Championship on the line, Ohio wins,
    Michigan offense dead.
    2008 Capital One Bowl M vs. Florida. Lloyd Carr's last game and he is
    carried off the field as it should be!
    2008 Capital One Bowl M vs. Florida from ESPN Classic
    2008 M vs Utah, Rich Rods 1st game, many new starters, poor offense
    2008 M vs. Miami of Ohio - Rich Rod's first M win.
    2008 M vs Notre Dame - Turnovers and a driving 2nd half rainstorm
    2008 M vs Illiois - Ouch, blowout
    2008 M vs. Wisconsin - 27 yards in first half, season seemed doomed. But in the
    second half, it was different. Big M win!
    2008 M vs Toledo, Defense played solid, but no offense, great Toledo win
    2008 M vs. Minnesota - The Little Brown Jug was retained as Michigan put together 4 quarters
    2008 M vs Penn State, M hangs until 3rd quarter, than ugly!
    2008 M vs Michigan State - M plays better, but State gets the win
    2008 M vs Purdue, Offense gets going, but not enough
    2008 M vs Northwestern, Rain and snow did little to help the hapless Wolverines.
    Defense played strong.
    2008 M vs Ohio State, The Buckeyes outmatched the Wolverines in the second half.
    2009 M vs. Western Michigan - Complete Game, Nice opening year win. Look for great
    catch! Tate Forcier Played very well.
    2009 M vs. Notre Dame - Back and forth battle, Tate Forcier played well again.
    2009 M vs. Eastern Michigan - The running game led the way
    2009 M vs. Indiana - Good hard fought game, Indiana Seniors nearly got the job
    done. Forcier showed Freshman problems.
    2009 M vs. Delaware State - Overmatched opponent allowed Michigan to set record
    for offense in a game.
    2009 M vs Michigan State - Michigan rallied to send it to OT, but interception
    from the 7 sealed the win for Sparty.
    2009 M vs Iowa - Iowa stays unbeaten with victory. Tate Forcier concussion late
    puts Denard Robinson in, but INT cost M the game.
    2009 M vs Penn State - Total victory for Penn State
    2009 M vs Illinois - 2nd half takeover by Illini
    2009 M vs Purdue - missed extra point really hurt
    2009 M vs Wisconsin - Nice feel good win for Wisconsin
    2009 M vs Ohio State - 6th in a row for the Buckeyes. Strong defensive effort
    for Mich but not enough
    2010 M vs UCONN - A record setting performance by Denard Robinson
    2010 M vs Notre Dame - Classic battle with Denard Robinson setting more records
    2010 M vs UMASS - Are you kidding me? Denard Robinson again!
    2010 M vs Bowling Green - lots of non-starters get in on the fun
    2010 M vs Indiana - Real strong game by the Hoosiers, but Denard gets
    it done with 17 seconds to go
    2010 M vs Michigan State - Turnovers and fired up MSU team wins the day
    2010 M vs Iowa - More Michigan turnovers kills late rally as Iowa wins
    2010 M vs Penn State - Jo Pa inches closer to 400. Defensive woes
    2010 M vs Illinois - Michigan wins a thriller in 3rd overtime when the
    defense made just one play
    2010 M vs PUrdue - Ugly game sees Michigan win despite 5 turnovers
    2010 M vs Wisconsin - Second half by Wisconsin dominated hapless Wolverines
    2010 M vs Ohio State - Complete drubbing by a superior Buckeyes team that
    exposed an awful defense
    2011 Gator Bowl - M vs Mississippi State. Downfall for Coach Rodriguez
    2011 M vs Western Michigan - Brady Hoke's first game, severe weather cancelled
    the game early. 2 returns for TD's from Brandon Herron
    2011 M vs Notre Dame - First night game in Michigan Stadium History,
    4th quarter sees Michigan come back to win. Watch the crowd, what a scene!
    2011 M vs Eastern Michigan - Denard Robinson runs for 198
    2011 M vs San Diego State - Denard runs for over 200
    2011 M vs Minnesota - 1st Legends Conference game. M dominates to keep
    the Little Brown Jug
    2011 M vs Northwestern - First half 3 INTs, 2nd half different story as Denard
    and company score a bunch
    2011 M vs Michigan State - Sparty wins 4th in a row, hard fought defensive battle,
    missed fourth down cost Michigan this game
    2011 M vs Purdue - Michigan rebounds after loss, while State loses. Good effort
    by Fitzgerald Touissant rushing for 170 yards
    2011 M vs Iowa - Michigan held at 3 yard line with game on the line
    2011 M vs Illinois - Great defensive effort. Nice running from Toussant
    2011 M vs Ohio State - OSU vacated this win after learning that several players
    received improper benefits and had played while ineligible
    2012 Sugar Bowl, M vs Virginia Tech - Va Tech seemed to be the better team, but
    luck was on the Wolverines side.
    2012 M vs Alabama, No 2 Alabama clearly the better team
    2012 M vs Air Force - Air Force option was deadly, but Denard shines
    2012 M vs UMASS, Denard 104 rushing, near 300 passing, 8 different players score
    2012 M vs Notre Dame - Denard responsible for too many turnovers
    2012 M vs Purdue - Denard sets Big Ten QB rush record
    2012 M vs Illinois - Homecoming blowout, shutout for the defense
    2012 M vs Michigan State - Solid defensive battle, Michigan wins on late field goal
    Complete with Pre-game and some postgame. Michigan's 900th win!
    2012 M vs Minnesota - Devin Gardner does an outstanding job in his first start.
    With Pre and Postgame.
    2012 M vs Northwestern - Great overtime victory over the game Wildcats
    2012 M vs Iowa - Finally seniors get win, Denard's last home game, Devin played great
    2012 M vs Ohio State - Hard fought game but 4th quarter mistakes cost the Wolverines
    2013 Outback Bowl, Mi vs South Carolina - Solid game all around but S.C. score
    late touchdown to win. Devin showed Michigan will be a force in 2013
    2013 M vs Central Michigan - Nice start by Devin Gardner
    2013 M vs Notre Dame - Under the Light II. Michigan led from start to finish
    despite a strong effort by the Irish. Record crowd of 115,109.
    2013 M vs Akron - Michigan throws 4 interceptions, but goal line stand wins it
    2013 M vs Connecticut - UCONN plays well as hapless Wolverines struggle to 4th win
    2013 M vs Minnesota - Great homecoming win with no turnovers
    2013 M vs Penn State - It took 4 overtimes for Penn State to win it by going on 4th and 1.
    2013 M vs Indiana - Shootout with all sorts of records including Jeremy Gallon
    368 yards, passing records for Devin Gardner, and more
    2013 M vs Michigan State - Spartans showed an incredible defense for the win
    2013 M vs Nebraska - Defensive battle, Michigan can't run, loses in 4th quarter
    2013 M vs Northwestern - No TD's until overtime and it took 3 to win it
    2013 M vs Iowa - Strong defensive game but a late turnover killed Michigan's chances
    2013 M vs Ohio State - Classic battle, Michigan goes for 2 and the win, but falls just short
    2013 Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl - M vs Kansas State. First start for Shane Morris.
    He played decent, but Tyler Lockett was unstoppable, QB Jake Waters was player of the game
    2014 M vs Appalachian State - no surprise this time, Green and Smith rushing hard
    2014 M vs Notre Dame - last game in this great rivalry (for now) goes to the Irish.
    On this day, Notre Dame played well on both sides of the ball earning a shutout
    2014 M vs Miami of Ohio - defense played stout, but still turnovers
    2014 M vs Utah - Utes dominate until storm mercifully comes. Do not have
    the remaining 7 mins.
    2014 M vs Minnesota - Gophers win the Little Brown Jug for only the 3rd time in 22 years.
    2014 M vs Rutgers - strong battle but in the end Rutgers enjoys their first Big Ten victory
    2014 M vs Penn State - great defensive battle with Michigan coming out on top ending
    PSU's winning streak
    2014 M vs Michigan State - Dantonio plants a touchdown with 30 seconds left adding
    fuel to the fire
    2014 M vs Indiana - Homecoming with some empty seats visible on TV, but it was a decent victory
    2014 M vs Northwestern - Fantastic defensive battle. Wildcats go for 2 and the win,
    but Frank Clark blew it up.
    2014 M vs Maryland - On senior day the defense played well but anemic offense hurt
    giving Maryland the win.
    2014 M vs Ohio State - Frustrating to lose once again to eventual National Champions
    2015 M vs Utah - tough place to play and turnovers hurt in Jim Harbaugh's debut as head coach
    2015 M vs Oregon State - Harbaugh's first win at the Big House
    2015 M vs UNLV - 1st meeting between these schools. Michigan dominates on the ground
    2015 M vs BYU - 2nd match up ever, Dominating game by Michigan for the shutout
    2015 M vs Maryland - 2nd Shutout in a row since 2000. Solid defense again.
    2015 M vs Northwestern - 3rd shutout in a row, repeat of 1980, Solid overall game
    2015 M vs Michigan State - it is never over until the final whistle, truly
    heartbreaking slip up at the end, an instant classic
    2015 M vs Minnesota - Halloween contributed to this strange outcome. Michigan did
    not play well. Tribute game to Jerry Kill retiring from the Gophers due to health issues.
    2015 M vs Rutgers - Solid game, Jake Ruddock sets records
    2015 2015 M vs Indiana - This double overtime thriller was another Indiana classic.
    The Hoosiers ran up and down the field while Jake Ruddock had another record setting day.
    2015 M vs Penn State - Michigan's Red Zone defense was the difference spoiling
    the White Out.
    2015 M vs Ohio State - Ohio was clearly the better team dominating this one
    2016 Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl, M vs Florida - The Wolverines start a
    bit slow but then dominate on both sides of the ball to complete a 10 win season
    2016 M vs Hawaii - after Speight pic, everything worked well
    2016 M vs Central Florida - another stellar win with Speight leading the way
    2016 M vs Colorado - CO QB Sefo Liufau deserves accolades for a strong
    performance, until Michigan took over
    2016 M vs Penn State - Opening Big Ten Play. The defense was solid holding
    the Lions to 191 total yards. Jabrill Peppers was amazing.
    2016 M vs Wisconsin - fantastic defensive battle to the end. Michigan stays unbeaten.
    2016 2016 M vs Rutgers - 9 rushing touchdowns, Jabrill Peppers all over the field.
    2016 M vs Illinois - Speight coming into his own. Defense stout again.
    2016 M vs Michigan State - Sparty played hard but Jabrill Peppers was the difference.
    2016 M vs Maryland - Complete domination start to finish, Speight setting records
    2016 M vs Iowa - Iowa won the battle of the trenches, too many Mistakes for Michigan.
    2016 M vs Indiana - Hoosiers battled hard, led at half, but O'Korn big run changed the Mo.
    2016 M vs Ohio State - Turnovers and bad calls hurt M, huge defensive battle, 2 OT
    2016 Orange Bowl M vs Florida State - Peppers hurt, did not play. Butt and Taco Charlton hurt during game.
    Michigan seemed out of it but came back to lead late only to lose.
    2017 M vs Florida (AT&T Stadium, Dallas, TX) - Michigan dominates both lines and despite two Pick 6's pulls out the win
    2017 M vs Cincinnati - A lot of mistakes by Michigan. Turnovers helped and late surge for the win
    2017 Air Force - Tough hitting battle, AF was tough, but in the end Michigan got it done
    2017 at Purdue - Opener at West Lafayette where Boilers led at halftime, then Michigan took over. Game Joined in Progress.
    2017 Michigan State - hard hitting defense, but Michigan 5 turnovers hurt then the storm hit.
    2017 at Indiana - Game Hoosiers took it to Overtime then defense held on for the win.
    2017 at Penn State - Ouch a real thumping during a White Out. Michigan competitive until start of 2nd half
    2017 Rutgers - Michigan dominated as expected with Brandon Peters relieving John O'Korn
    < 2017 Minnesota - Michigan retains the Little Brown Jug as Brandon Peters gets his first collegiate start. Running backs Higdon, and evans huge in the run game.
    2017 at Maryland - Michigan takes care of business with Brandon Peters
    2017 at Wisconsin - Michigan game into the 3rd quarter, but then fell apart; Wisconsin defense very strong
    2017 Ohio State - Michigan held lead late in 3rd then fell apart. John O'Korn unable to move the team
    2018 Outback Bowl vs South Carolina - Mistakes in 2nd half were too costly to overcome. Mo Hurst shined!
    2018 at Notre Dame - Great defensive battle. Early scores by the Irish won the day
    2018 Western Michigan - Michigan dominated in every phase of the game not giving up a TD
    2018 SMU - SMU played hard in the first half, great Pick 6 at half. Penalty filled game.
    2018 Nebraska - Michigan dominated in all phases handing NE first -3 start since 1956
    2018 at Northwestern - Wildcats off to huge 17-0 start before Michigan slowly comes back.
    Great defensive play was the difference.
    2018 Maryland Homecoming - Dominating performance all around. Great defense, despite missing Rashan Gary
    2018 Wisconsin - Nice victory over a well coached team
    2018 at Michigan State - strong defensive battle on both sides, Michigan limited MSU to under 100 yards total offense.
    2018 Penn State - Complete domination until a late score by PSU killing the shutout.
    2018 at Rutgers - Michigan defense played well once again. Offense did enough to get better.
    2018 Indiana - Senior day proved to be a real challenge as Michigan could not score in the red zone
    but thanks to Jake Moody a record six field goals led to victory.
    2018 at Ohio State - Complete embarrassment on this day as Ohio State destroyed Michigan in all phases.
    2018 Peach Bowl, MI vs Florida. The Gators celebrated their first victory over Michigan with an epic beatdown.
    Unfortunately, the vaulted M defense failed during the last two games
    2019 MI vs Middle Tennessee State - Lots to work on but offense led by Shea Patterson strong. Defense swarmed to ball.
    2019 MI vs Army - Let's give credit to Army whom came to play. We will lose sleep over the name Connor Slomko.
    But credit must be given to Michigan's defense who stood tall in 2nd OT. Charbonnet was a workhorse running the ball.
    2019 MI vs Wisconsin - Wisconsin total domination with Jonathan Taylor going over 200 yards. Bell was only bright star
    in an absolute beatdown.
    2019 MI vs Rutgers - The ship gets fixed with a shutout of poor Rutgers. Shea Patterson shined on this day.
    2019 MI vs Iowa - If you love defense, this was the game for you. Khaleke Hudson was dominant with 11 tackles.
    2019 MI at Illinois - Early lead for Mich only to enable Illinois to pull within 3 before sealing the victory.
    2019 MI at Penn State - Early hole prevented a victory but Michigan tried hard. A dropped pass late in the end zone sealed the PSU victory.
    2019 MI vs Notre Dame - Complete beat down of the team that won't play Mich again until 2033. What a classic for M fans!
    2019 MI at Maryland - 97 yard kickoff return by Giles Jackson started it. But Maryland also had one returned. For parts of the
    game, Maryland actually was outplaying the Blue, but they could not score, Michigan prevailed in the end.

    1939 Rose Bowl, Duke vs USC - B&W with radio
    1958 Rose Bowl, Ohio State vs Oregon - Color with Radio
    Ca. 1957 (Tom) Harmon of Michigan full length movie (NICE!)
    1962 Alabama vs Arkansas, new haven't watched yet
    1965 Nebraska vs Arkansas, new haven't watched yet
    1971 M vs Ohio State - Coaches film, no sound
    1979 Homecoming - Listen to Millie Schembechler, Wally Weber, intros
    of All Americans and the famous Ron Kramer addresses the audience. A must have!
    1980 Rose Bowl Ohio State vs USC, O.J. Simpson adds color commentary. From ESPN Classic.
    ca. 1980 7 Touchdowns in January. A description of the 1948 National Champion team.
    Personally, I think it is dull, but hard to find.
    1987 Season Recap "Big Ten Champs of 1986" - NICE!
    1988 The Ten Year War - Michigan vs. Ohio State
    1988 Season Recap (with Bo Schembechler Interview), Bo’s 20th season, Michigan’s 120th
    1988 Michigan Replay Season Recap Show (60 mins)
    1989 Take The Field II by the Michigan Marching band. Great video
    1989 NCAA Men's Basketball Round of 32 vs South Alabama
    1989 NCAA Men's Basketball Round of 16 vs North Carolina
    1989 NCAA Men's Basketball Round of 8 vs Virginia
    1989 NCAA Men's Basketball Final 4 vs Illinois
    1989 NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship
    against Seton Hall. 
    1990 Mo's First Season Show - This tape is well
    done and in good quality.  
    1992 Season Recap - A Drive For Five
    1993 Season Recap Hall of Fame Season, (Gary Moeller coaching), Tyrone Wheatley a factor, great personal interviews
    1995 The Victors, Michigan Football History narrated by Bo Schembechler
    1995 Arizona at Arizona State, Great game to watch
    1998 Michigan vs Notre Dame: The Magic and The 
    Memories. Very nice video to own
    2001 Take the Field Volume III - The Michigan
    Marching Band presents Saturday Fantastique. 
    2002 Season Recap (John Navarre featured)
    Date Unsure - Great Michigan Moments.
    Date Unsure - The Rivalry. Nice tape with a different spin than 
    the 10 Year War.
    2008 Michigan Tradition - Program from Big Ten Network
    Michigan vs. Penn State - Memorable Moments
    Michigan vs. Notre Dame - Memorable Moments
    Michigan vs. Ohio State Memorable Moments
    Great Michigan Moments - Short Video
    Michigan's Dream Season
    Big Ten Legend's - Lloyd Carr
    11/21/2006 Bo Schembechler - Celebration of Life
    20 Years Tribute to Bo Schembechler - The Schembechler Years
    TitleTown - Ann Arbor, From ESPN 2008
    Vintage Bo Schembechler
    The Schembechler Years - All About Bo with great footage
    2003 College Gameday from Ann Arbor
    2011 College Gameday from Ann Arbor
    2011 Michigan Football Spring Game
    2011 Tailgate 48 Prep and During game presentation about Michigan
    vs Ohio State. Interview with Brady Hoke included
    2011 The Brady Six - About quarterbacks drafted at the 
    same time as Tom Brady. Pretty well done
    2011 Step Into My Office - With Brady Hoke
    2011 Big Ten Icons - Bo Schembechler
    Farewell to the Michigan Pressbox prior to tear down. 
    Hosted by Art Vuolo, taping by Mike Austerman
    AUDIO Only
    1968 Michigan vs. Michigan State - Complete Tom Hemingway and Dave McKay with the call
    1969-1976 Ufer of Michigan Tape 1
    1971 M vs Ohio State, hear the original Tom Hemingway and Dave McKay broadcast
    1973 Michigan vs. Michigan State - Complete Tom Hemingway and Dave McKay with the call
    1973 Michigan vs Ohio State with Bob Ufer. What a great game to
    listen to. Complete start to finish and then some.
    1975 Michigan vs. Baylor - Great Baylor coach, Bob Ufer thought the world of this guy. 
    Baylor could have won if they had a field goal kicker; ends in tie
    1975 Michigan vs. Wisconsin - Rick Leach's first start - throwing to Wisconsin though, 
    Little Gordie Bell runs for 214 yards
    1975 Michigan vs. Illinois - Bob Ufer's 300th broadcast. He talks about it and is very thankful. 
    Michigan wins with early lead and hangs on
    1975 Michigan vs. Missouri - Les Miles gets in the game, Rick Leach begins to shine, Harlan Huckleby
    scores first touchdown and the defense was magnificent
    1975 Michigan vs. Minnesota - Rick Leach takes over for Mark Elzinga. Close game
    with great Minnesota QB - Tony Dungy
    1975 Michigan vs Purdue, Bob Ufer at his best, Complete game
    1976 Orange Bowl, Bob Ufer splits time with Oklahoma's Mike Shrepp's.
    It had to be uneasy for both of them. Great game to listen to.
    1976 Michigan vs. Stanford - Ufer at his best! Michigan improves with 51-0 shutout.
    3 men 100 yards rushing, Smith runs for record 85 yards from line of scrimmage
    1976 Michigan vs. Michigan State, Hucklebee, Rick Leach, and Rob Lytle take on Kirk Gibson, 
    and Ty Willingham. Bob Ufer at his best. Booth docorated Green and White!
    1976 Michigan vs. Indiana - JIP, Another great defensive showing in pouring rain. 
    Ufer calls Woody Adolph Hitler. Halftime features ticket director interview. 
    1976 Michigan vs. Northwestern - Rob Lytle does well. Good victory
    1976 Michigan vs. Illinois - right after being beat by Purdue. Michigan gets 
    revenge and plays well on defense. Good setup by Bob Ufer for Ohio State
    1977 Michigan vs. Duke - Surprisingly tough game. Bob Ufer having fun
    1977 Michigan vs. Navy - Navy defense solid, but Michigan too much
    1977 Michigan vs. Iowa - Russell Davis, Ufer gets lifetime award into College Football
    Hall of Fame. Leach achieves 25 passing TD record
    1977 Michigan vs. Purdue - Rick Leach sets TD record at 25
    Ufer gets lifetime membership in band, College Football HOF discussion at halftime. 
    1978 Michigan vs. Notre Dame - 3 CD set with pregame
    1978 Michigan vs. Michigan State - Kirk Gibson helps Sparty to their first win
    in 8 years. Rick Leach completed too many passes to MSU
    1978 Michigan vs Duke, Bob Ufer enjoying this victory
    1969-1975 Ufer of Michigan Part 1
    1976-1980 Ufer of Michigan Part 2 (Run for the Roses)
    1981 A tribute to Bob Ufer, made the night of his passing
    Fire Up...It's Saturday (tape)
    Halftime Classics (tape)
    Bo - Master of the Game; Made shortly after Bo's retirement (tape)
    Michigan Marching Band, A Saturday Tradition (CD)
    Five Greatest Games in Michigan 
    History; This one is real hard to find. (tape)
    Michigan 1997 National Championship Celebration (CD)
    Ufer - Five Decades of U of M Football (CD)
    It's All About Blue - Michigan band (CD)
    Hurrah For The Yellow and Blue - Michigan band (CD)
    Maximum Meechigan - The Best of Bob Ufer (2 CD's)
    Hockey and Softball
    2012 Frozen Diamond Faceoff Michigan vs Ohio State from Cleveland
    ca. 1996 Brett Hull - Top Gun - A nice video before Detroit
    1996 Michigan hockey final National Championship game against Colorado College. 
    has several shorts at the end on the famous goal by Legg. A must own game!
    2008 Michigan vs. MSU - Great Lakes Invitational title game
    2010 Michigan vs. Michigan State - The Big Chill from
    The Big House.
    2010 Michigan vs. Colorado College, GLI Championship game
    2010 Michigan vs. Northern Michigan, CCHA Hockey Championship game
    2011 Michigan vs MSU, Women's Softball wins 4th Consecutive Big Ten Championship
    2011 Michigan vs. Minnesota-Duluth, Frozen Four Finals
    2011 Michigan vs. North Dakota, Frozen Four finals. Arguably
    one of Michigan's best game ever.
    2011 History of Michigan Hockey, nicely done
    2005 Women's Softball NCAA Championship game, M vs. UCLA
    2011 MIchigan vs. Michigan State, M softball wins 4th
    consecutive Big Ten Championship
    Keep checking back for updates. Go Blue!

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