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a true Blue Fan.

1. How did BO get his famous nickname?
His sister His mother His high school coach it was his real name

2. When Billy Taylor scored his famous touchdown against Ohio in 1971,
who handed the ball off to him?
Tom Slade
Larry Cipa
Rick Leach
Rex Kern

3. Tom Lantry missed two field goals against Ohio State in 1973 leading to the famous 10-10 tie.
What other Ohio State game did Tom miss a key field goal costing Michigan another win?
1972 1970 1974 1975

4. What was Bos highest level of education and where did he graduate from?
BS, Miami of Ohio BS, Ohio University MBA, University of Toledo MBA, Ohio State

5. How many Big Ten Championships did Bo Win outright or tie?
11 13 15 17

6. Bo had a heart attack prior to the Rose Bowl in 1970. In what year was his second?

7. Alvin Wistert, the middle brother of the famous Wistert brothers did something significant before
becoming a great Michigan Football player. What was it?
He authored a best-selling novel
He spent 3 years on a Mormon Mission
He served 5 years in the Marines
He ran in the Olympics

8. From 1920-1924, new stadiums were springing up. Michigan helped dedicate Vanderbilt in
Nashville with a 0-0 tie, and dedicated Ohio's new stadium with a nice win. What other team
did Michigan beat to ring in their new house?
Michigan State

9. In 1940 Michigan traveled West to play California. What was the most significant aspect of this trip?
California did not have a team The railroad was on strike There was an earthquake that delayed the trip Michigan was the first collegiate team to travel by air

10. In 1951, Michigan played a solid California team in the Rose Bowl. Who was the most valuable player?
Don Dufek Bob Cummings Pete Schabarum Jim Marinos

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